Pre-Purchase Asbestos Survey

​Pre-Purchase Survey

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Residential Asbestos Survey

This type of survey is for anyone purchasing a property. It became quite clear early on that this was a much needed type of survey for homebuyers. With more and more Chartered Surveyors highlighting potential asbestos containing materials within their reports it was key that we produced a report that covers these areas and looks for further materials and helps understand what and where the asbestos types were.

Analyst taking Asbestos samples
Samples of possible Asbestos being taken during a survey

This survey is a non-intrusive survey therefore no damage is caused to the property. The main reason for this is that the vendor of the property is unlikely to allow us to undertake a fully intrusive survey (Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Survey) at this point when you, the buyer do not own the property.

Unfortunately due to this being a non intrusive survey there is the possibility of asbestos containing materials still being present within the fabric of the building.

All possible areas that can be accessed will be investigated and reported and if possible sampled (with Vendors agreement)

However if we have not got to them during this survey then it will not compromise your safety as they are not being disturbed. This type of survey cannot be used should refurbishment or demolition works are to be undertaken.