Construction / Reinstatement

Advantage Environmental & Construction Ltd will advise on the effective management of you’re construction or refurbishment project.

Staff follows processes and procedures to ensure work is carried out to the highest standard.


Pre-work meetings are held with clients to ensure all aspects of planning for the works is undertaken.

No or very limited time delays for the work to be completed, with hold points put in place at set intervals for the client/building control to inspect and if needed changes to be made.

We also undertake restatement where we have undertaken asbestos removal work, replacement is carried out with safety in mind and using the correct materials were needed for fire protection.

Some of the reinstatement that can be carried out is.

Replacement Shed/Garage Roofs – Metal, Bitumen or Felt

Replacement Floor Tiles – Vinyl, Laminate, Porcelain

Textured Coating on Plasterboard – Replacement Plaster-boarding and Decorating Works

Works are undertaken with quantity and safety in mind but should have purchased materials or want a certain type used please contact us to discuss.

Please contact us to discuss the project and for possible reinstatement options.