Asbestos rain water and asbestos soil stacks area a very common house hold item and with some being fitted for more than 70 years. These products are now coming to the end of there life span and require removing and replacing. Plastic soil pipes are now the product used as the soil stack pipe replacement.

These types of asbestos are made up of cement bonded products and while they don’t impose any immediate danger, they should be dealt with by correctly trained and qualified personal.

This soil stack was starting to cause water leaks and the tenants wanted it replaced to ensure it would last the time they owned the property.

asbestos soil stack

asbestos soil stack looking worse for wear

Once the scaffold had been removed (allowed better access to the joints) we attended and carried out removal of the asbestos soil stack.

some asbestos soil stacks are known to hold chysotile rope gaskets (100% asbestos) and also fire cement.

We broke the motar around the waste section attached to the toilet and carefully removed the joint so not to damage the new bathroom suite.

The rest of the stack is then removed section at a time.

We then replace from the ground up with new plastic soil pipe, ensuring enough downward flow to the toilet waste is given.

asbestos soil stack replacement

New plastic soil stack pipe replacement

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