Nissen Hut

A client contacted us about an old Asbestos Nissen Hut removal they required carried out, these are not commonly found. The curved asbestos cement sheeting or asbestos roof sheets are set in 2ft of the concrete base which had to be removed to fully remove the Asbestos Containing Materials.

Nissen Hut History

Nissen huts have asbestos sheeting attached to them, they are not built like a traditional asbestos garage like the ones HERE.

The first known nissen huts were built around the the first world war (1916) they were used as housing, storage of materials or equipment. These were ideal at the time due to the fact they were portable and could be made with minimal materials. Most were made with iron sheets but some were made asbestos. For a full history please click HERE

This Nissen Hut had been disused for a number of years and had been fallen into disrepair. Our client had just purchased the property and land which the Nissen Hut resided on and wanted to remove to install a new shelter for tools and lawnmower.

asbestos nissen hut with asbestos cement sheets

Curved nissen hut sheeting is asbestos cement sheeting

The asbestos removal which was carried out in Essex was agreed and the process explained with the client who was very happy with the time frame we were able to accommodate them in to remove the asbestos roof sheets, the contents and the concrete base.

asbestos sheets on a nissen hut

front of the nissen hut showing passed a tree line in a garden in Essex.

The Asbestos cement sheeting was first removed under CAR 2012 regulations, wrapped and correctly disposed of. The wood panels to the front and rear were then removed and disposed of with the contents of the hut. 

The remaining base was then broken up and the and the last sections of asbestos roof sheets removed.

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