In this section we will discuss all about asbestos garage roofs, the costs of asbestos removal and how much it costs to replace them.

asbestos garage roof replacement

With Asbestos Garage Roofs coming to end of their lifespan, clients are contacting us for options on garage roof replacement.

We independently assess each set of works to ensure they are correctly managed.

The Asbestos Roofs are removed by our UKATA trained staff with the correct PPE & RPE to ensure best practice is undertaken while carrying out the removal.

A local exclusion zone is setup and sealed off to allow for the correct removal process to be followed, The Asbestos Garage Roof Sheeting is then packaged and taken to a licenced waste transfer site.

As a replacement of the Asbestos there is a number of options which would be advised to the client.

One of the recommend replacements is with the polyester coated metal in anthracite. This makes for a very durable and desirable replacement.

We agreed and explained the process of the Asbestos Garage Roof Removal and replacement with our clients.

Staff advised of the time frame, materials and cost. We try to accommodate all clients needs to give the more personal touch to our work.

We write site specific method statements and risk assessments on-site to allowed for site specific removal and replacement. ​

On completion of the works, the site staff will fill out a hazardous waste consignment note.

Before leaving site, the staff will send a copy to the waste transfer station and client.

Asbestos Garage Roof Costs

An Asbestos Shed Roof Removal start From: £250+VAT

An Asbestos Garage Roof Removal start From: £495+VAT

Shed Roof Replacement start From: £650+VAT

Garage Roof Replacement start From: £1,350+VAT

Should you only require just the Asbestos Removal or would like to place a booking, please use our contact form HERE.