Asbestos Encapsulation

Advantage Environmental was contacted by a commercial client requiring some asbestos encapsulation after having had a management survey conducted to their premises. The premises used as stock storage.

The management survey had highlighted areas where Asbestos Cement used as fire proofing and as the main structure, the survey highlighted the needed to have the asbestos encapsulated and repaired.

Asbestos in raw state needs to be encapsulated to preserve its condition and prevent it becoming harmful (to the in this case employees). Personnel using this building would then be a reduced risk and the employer carrying out their duty to manage.

Asbestos Encapsulation
encapsulation of profiled asbestos sheeting in a storage unit

The initiative-taking client, arranged for a day when staff would not be present.

This allowed for the 100m2 of asbestos sheeting to be encapsulated by the Advantage Environmental team and repair it to keep it in line with their tenancy agreement. 

Advantage Environmental carried out the encapsulation works, ensuring the client stays complaint and work force remain safe from asbestos exposure. 

We agreed and explained the process with the client who was very happy with the time frame we were able to accommodate them in to carry out the remedial works to the asbestos sheets.

We recommended that the managers of processes follow to keep them compliant with Duty to Manage 2004 regulations. 

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