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Residential Asbestos Survey

Advantage Environmental & Construction Ltd can advise on the effective management of asbestos, domestic or commercial premises.

The Law states that to manage your asbestos you should have an appropriate written plan in place, Advantage Environmental & Construction Ltd design bespoke plans that meet the clients needs and also ensures they are legally compliant, easy for staff to carry out and ensure records are kept. This keeps business Health and Safety files up to date. 

​Any property built prior to the year 2000 should have one of the following carried out prior to work being carried out, commercial premises fall under the duty to manage and need specific documents with management plans in place to ensure they are compliant under current regulations.

​Asbestos Surveys & Sampling

Asbestos Being Sampled

As set out by the HSG264 there are only two surveys to be considered, a Management Survey and Refurbishment & Demolition Survey although you can have a mixture of the two.

At Advantage Environmental we have separated the types out further so the titles are specific to the type of property or aim of the survey taking the clients need into consideration. The different types are below

Click on the Survey type for a description of each…

Asbestos in Residential Properties

  1. Fascia Boards
  2. Cement Tiles
  3. Cement Water Tank
  4. Cement Pipe & Pipe Lagging
  5. Loose Fill Asbestos
  6. Cement Guttering
  7. Cement Down Pipe
  8. Toilet Cistern & Toilet Seat
  9. Artex/Textured Coating
  10. Soffit Boards
  11. Boiler (Rope, Flue Pipe)
  12. AIB
  13. Vinyl floor tiles
  14. Sink Pad
  15. Cement Board
  16. Damp Proof Course
  17. Fire Place Panel
  18. Flue Pipe
  19. Asbestos Cement Roof
  20. Window Rope Seal
  21. Cement Sheet
  22. Understair AIB/Cement Boards
  23. Bath Panel
  24. AIB Boxing
  25. AIB Door
  26. Undersarking

This list is not exhaustive and for illustration purposes only

AIB = Asbestos Insulating Board

Asbestos in Commercial Properties

  1. Asbestos cement water tank
  2. AIB to door
  3. Floor tiles
  4. Pipe lagging/bolier
  5. Toilet seat
  6. Toilet cistern
  7. AIB behind fuse box
  8. Cement flue pipe
  9. Asbestos cement panels
  10. AIB interior window panel
  11. Cement downpipe
  12. Artex/textured coating ceiling
  13. Cable wrap
  14. AIB panel
  15. Asbestos cement under cloak
  16. Loose fill insulation
  17. Heater
  18. AIB boxing
  19. Damp proof course
  20. Roofing felt
  21. Soffits – AIB or asbestos cement
  22. Fuse guards
  23. Asbestos profiled sheeting
  24. Sprayed coating to beams

This list is not exhaustive and for illustration purposes only

Samples are tested by an independent UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) Laboratory to ensure no conflict of interest. 

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