A concerned managing agent contacted us as an expert following an untrained contractor had used a high power jet wash to remove moss from the top of Asbestos Cement Car Ports.

The Asbestos Cement Fibre’s had become unbonded from the car port roof sheets and had been spread across the surrounding area.

Jett washed asbestos cement has become unbonded due to the high pressure.

This breached one of the main rules of work with asbestos, which is to limit the spread.

These Kent Asbestos Works were carried out as an emergency to ensure possible exposure to was kept to a minimum.

A vast amount of control measures had to applied to allow the work to be undertaken in a timely manner.

The whole area had to be environmental cleaned to try and remove as much of the lose fibre’s and cement as possible.

Some items had to be replaced due to not being able o be fully cleaned.