Artex Ceiling Removal (Textured Coating)

The Artex Facts

Artex or Textured coatings were widely used in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s, mainly with the familiar stippled and swirled patterns. Textured coatings were also occasionally used on walls. Until the mid-1980s, textured coatings were often strengthened with white asbestos.

Although the practice became much less common after this, it’s still possible that because they were applied by hand that in properties built before 2000 may contain asbestos.

Some of the surfaces artex or coatings can be found on:

  • Plasterboard
  • Concrete
  • brick or blockwork
  • asbestos insulation board

Advantage Environmental have carried out sample asbestos surveys within properties that have artex or textured coatings. It was found that the coatings within some properties do contain asbestos and others do not contain asbestos. Therefore if your property has a textured coatings, it is best to assume that it does contain asbestos.

Coatings containing asbestos are only harmful if they are disturbed, or damaged. The material poses no risk to occupants while it is undisturbed. These are usually painted which is a form of encapsulation, offering additional protection.

Typically contain less than 5% asbestos and Chrysotile was the only fibre to be used which poses the least risk of all types of asbestos. Tenants whose homes contain textured coatings must never sand, grind, chip off or drill the finish without firstly seeking consent from Advantage Environmental.

​Kitchen Ceiling Project

Textured Coating or Artex coating water damaged and broken

Textured coated ceiling masked by plaster and paper, client had tests carried out to confirm asbestos.

replacement asbestos ceiling with new plasterboard and led lighting

The wall units in the kitchen were removed to allow for a fully formed enclosure to be created as per the CAR 2012 Regulations, the artex removal was carried out as per best practices and self certificated the area for cleanliness.

The waste from the artex (textured coating) was disposed of at licenced transfer station. 

An electrical fault of lose wires was found and appropriate action was taken. A new ceiling was fitted along with new LED down-lighters.

The wall units were replaced, and all finishing to the coving completed. The client was happy with the completed work they have approved more work to be carried out.

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